"Hanamai" is a dance performance that harmonizes dance and Ikebana, created by Fusako Yamamoto, myself.


Under the inspirational atmosphere, flowers gradually emerge as something symbolic rather than a mere arrangement along with the music in conjunction with the movement of dance.


Flowers are symbols of nature, and dance is a symbol of body.


Ikebana, the art of silence, and dance, the art of movement.


It is a unique performance where nature and body, movement and stillness intersect.

■Festival participations & Awards

Appeared as a Hanamai dancer and a Story Teller at "Ai-san-san", Japanese garden art festival at Watayabesso, Ureshino Onsen, Saga Prefecture, Japan in 2017 and 2018.


Appeared at a guest performer in "Tanada Lovers Festival (Rice Terrace Lovers Festival)" in 2018 and 2019.


Appeared at "Futurescape Project", the 10th anniversary festival at Yokohama Zou-no-Hana Terrace, Yokohama in 2019.


Won the Suda Iron Works Award at the Iron Island Festival Idea Jamboree and performed at "Tekko-jima Festival (Iron Island Festival)" in 2019. 

I learned ballet from the age of 4, continuously studying dance in a wide range of genres, and obtained a BA in dance studies at Japan Women's College of Physical Education and an MA at Japan Women's College of Physical Education graduate school.


After appearing around 30 theatrical performances with an audience of 100 to 1000 as a dancer/actor, I started to perform as a "Hanamai-shi", or a performer of "Hanamai" from 2013.

As for this "Hanamai" performance, I am utilizing my career as a professional flower artist with 5+ years of experience both in Japanese Ikebana Miyako-koryu  and also in wedding/theatrical flower decoration learned under flower artist Mami Yamamoto.



Up to now, 18 "Hanamai" videos have been created, including concept videos with DIDYMOS, a German baby wrap slings maker, and trousse à couture, a wedding dress shop in Kyoto. Collaborations with other fields are actively ongoing.